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Join the MOOvement to End Poverty!


About the MOOvement

Holy Cow! Let’s End Poverty is about making poverty a part of the conversation and then being bold enough to do something about it.  This branding strategy incorporates education, social media, a laugh or two and the opportunity to raise unrestricted funds to help agencies moove people out of poverty and reach their maximum potential – learn more.

nccaa-holy-cow-hopeMeet our Mascot, Hope.

Hope the cow inspires us to moove people to self-sufficiency and to tell our story. Check out the inaugural newsletter to learn more about her story and how you can bring the MOOvement to your local community – Holy Cow Newsletter.

Let's Connect!

Our goal is to make it easy for you to raise poverty awareness and unrestricted funds for your agency.  We want to learn more about your agency to create customized fun and high-impact campaign initiatives for your community.  Let's talk - just give us a MOO! ...

Community Action Vendor Directory

Support businesses who support good causes.  Learn moore about The Gravely Group.  Ask us how you can generate passive income by referring a business to the vendor directory...


Moonies raised will help support agency capacity building and will help moove individuals and families to self-sufficiency – Holy Cow Shop!

Cow Tales

Unfortunately, there are tons of myths about poverty.  We call these mistruths - cow tales.  Take a stab at answering these questions.  Is it true or is it just another cow tale?  Please share your favorite cow tale with us on one of our social media platforms.


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