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October 2016 Newsletter – New York State Community Action Association

New York State Community Action Association

NYSCAA Newsletter - October 2016

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From the CEO

... fall comes with an even more important date of note—election day.  Few of the rights and responsibilities of citizenship are more important than our right to vote.  If you or someone you know is questioning whether it is worth getting out to vote, remember how long and hard our foremothers and fathers fought to assure us this right.  And while our candidates and elections are far from perfect, we set a standard which countries around the world look to as an example of all that is best in a democratic government.

Do some research, get to know the candidates on every level of the ballot, and enjoy the privilege you have to take part in this remarkable, successful experience in participatory democracy.


Domestic Violence Month
Domestic Violence affects the lives and compromises the safety of thousands of New Yorkers each day, with tragic, destructive and sometimes fatal results. NYSCAA is proud to support DV month and the 'Shine the Light' Campaign brought to us by the New York State Office for Prevention of Domestic Violence...

Poverty Simulation
NYSCAA helped host a Poverty Simulation at Mohawk Valley Community Action this month. Poverty simulations help promote a greater understanding of poverty by having participants role play living as a low-income family for one month. Simulations help people understand poverty through an experiential activity designed to help participants experience the practical challenges faced by low-income people every day. Poverty Simulation participants can include policy makers, local community leaders, staff from non-profits and, Community Action staff...

Affinity Groups
NYSCAA has organized affinity groups for I.T., Finance, and Human Resources staff in New York's CAAs...

Shared Resources
Don't forget to check NYSCAA's Shared Resources.  This section of NYSCAA's website allows Community Action Members to login and upload and/or view valuable resources provided by your peers. This month agencies uploaded Community Needs Assessment Reports and various types of evaluation forms.

Community Action Resource Guide
NYSCAA has revamped the Community Action Resource Guide...now a search-able form on our website. The CARG provides a full listing of New York's Community Action Agencies and the services they provide.

Updates at our Agencies!

  • Good Scout Award – Congratulations to Bruce Garcia, Executive Director for JCEO of Clinton and Franklin Counties, Inc., recipient of the 2016 Adirondack Good Scout Award. This award is given to members of the community who exemplify the spirit of Scouting in their daily lives through acts of cheerful service, passionate leadership, and unyielding dedication to the local community.
  • First Place! – EOC of Suffolk County's 'Sensationally Sweet' Scarecrow won first place in the Great South Bay Chili/Chowder Festival's Scarecrow contest.
  • Harvest! – Economic Opportunity Program of Chemung and Schuyler Counties' volunteers gathered 25 pounds of fresh vegetables from their Victory Gardens to distribute throughout the community! Their volunteers also help with weeding and maintaining the garden throughout the harvest season.
  • New Shelter – Mohawk Valley Community Action Agency is set to open a new shelter by November 1 for homeless and runaway youth, the first in their community...

In the News & Helpful Tips

  • Clinton Vs. Trump: Who's Better for Business? – With the Election right around the corner, CFO magazine reached out to more than a half-dozen economists of wide ranging political leanings and asked them to contrast the candidates' positions on corporate taxes, global trade, health care, immigration, Wall Street regulation, and energy...
  • Bullying Prevention Month is a nationwide call to action, providing schools, parents, and students with the educational resources to support and better respond to bullying behavior...
  • Energy Saver 101: Home Heating Infographic on home heating and energy saving tips from Energy.gov
  • Race, School Ratings, and Real Estate: A 'Legal Gray Area' – Advocates for fair housing see a potential problem with the close ties between school ratings and the effects it has in real estate. They say the common denominator for these stats, too often, is race. The problem has intensified in the last decade with new web platforms bringing information directly to home-buyers such as school rating maps, which too closely mirror a racial dot map. That, in turn, raises some complicated questions about how factors like test scores and school ratings are used to influence home-buying decisions...

Webinars & Conferences

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