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A Comprehensive Guide to Community Action Strategic Planning

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A Comprehensive Guide to Community Action Strategic Planning

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From the Foreword by John Heath, CalCAPA Executive Director

With the release of Information Memorandum (IM) 138 by the federal Office of Community Services which established CSBG Organizational Standards 6.1 through 6.5 for both public and private Community Action Agencies, many of our agencies expressed concern about their strategic plans and if those plans would meet the standards.  In fact, with five standards directly related and another six standards indirectly related, there are a total of 11 standards associated with strategic planning...

This strategic planning guide is technical yet practical.  It will take the guess work out of establishing strategic plans that not only serve as a living and breathing document that guides the agency, but also one that will not only empower Community Action Agencies to successfully meet the standards set forth in IM 138, but exceed them!


Foreword by John  A. Heath
About This Guide
A Brief Overview of Strategic Planning
Defining Community Action Strategic Planning
Stage  One: Preparation
Defining Process Parameters
Establishing a Planning Committee
Stage  Two:  Assessment
Compiling Core Data Resources
Conducting a SWOT Analysis
Performing an Agency Review
Stage  Three:  Planning
Prioritizing Strategic Issues
Developing Goals and Objectives
Creating Performance Measures/Indicators
Writing the Plan
Stage  Four:  Implementation & Achievement of Results
Developing Action Plans
Developing a Monitoring Plan to Track Progress
Developing a Reporting Plan to Track Outcomes
Integrating Reporting in Operations
Stage  Five: Evaluation
Conducting an Annual Evaluation
Appendix A: Worksheets
Appendix B: Resources & References


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