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Poverty Institutes in Portland, ME (August 8-11)

Communication Across Barriers

Poverty Institute (August 8-9)

Poverty Coaching Institute (August 10-11)

Portland, ME

Presenter: Donna Beegle

LOCATION: University of Southern Maine, Glickman Library Events Room, 314 Forest Ave, Portland, ME 04101

Contact Ethan Matthews for additional information (503.590.4599)

Poverty Institute

Get the tools you need to effectively move people out of poverty
This intensive two-day Poverty Institute provides a grounded understanding of poverty and what you can do to more successfully assist people in moving out – and staying out – of poverty.

Participants will:

  • Learn to communicate more effectively with those living in poverty (e.g., bridging print and oral cultures)
  • Use role play, activities, modeling and dialogue to understand and practice the core concepts
  • Come away with concrete strategies and materials that you can use right away to make a difference.

The Poverty Institute is designed for professionals from the fields of justice, education, health, social service, faith-based and community organization members.

Cost: $250 – Registration
Call 503.590.4599 to register via purchase order
Contact Ethan Matthews for additional information

Coaching Institute

Be your organization’s Poverty Coach and on-site expert
This intensive two-day Coaching Institute will prepare you for breaking barriers in your organization.  Participants will learn how to serve as on-site experts for educating colleagues, providing leadership for eliminating barriers, and developing system-wide approaches for improving outcomes for families and individuals.

Poverty Coaches are trained to conduct Poverty Competency Assessments and assist their organizations in developing and implementing customized action plans with measurable results.  Coaches receive a variety of tools and materials, including the Action Approach Training Kit (valued at $449).

NOTE: Coaching Institute participants must have completed at least one of the following:

  • Attended a two-day Poverty Institute

Cost: $695 – Registration
Call 503.590.4599 to register via purchase order

Communication Across Barriers

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