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June 2016 Newsletter – North Carolina Community Action Association

North Carolina Community Action Association

NC Empowered – June 2016

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Pieces Come Together for NCCAA 2016 Annual Conference

All of the “Pieces Came Together” for a successful NCCAA 2016 Annual Conference… There were numerous opportunities to “connect” with peers and colleagues…

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Out-Standing Awards Presented at 2016 Conference

Three Standing Awards were presented: Roselle Copeland Stewardship Award, Lonnie D. Burton Achievement Award, and the Gloria Williams Award.

Other awards were given for:

  • Introducing “The Essential Piece” – Community Action Employee of the Year Award
  • Agency Awards for supporting the work of NCCAA through advocacy and education
  • Social Media Smackdown for participation in the NCCAA Social Media Smackdown

Name that Cow! – And Join the MOOvement to End Poverty

A new fundraising initiative entitled, “Holy Cow! Join the Moovement to End Poverty” has been developed and pre-launched in May at the NCCAA 2016 Annual Conference.  The campaign will officially launch in August and features a cow and cow tales to educate and inform the community about poverty in a clever, eye-catching way, while providing a revenue opp to help agencies raise unrestricted funds.

Other Items of Interest

  • Announcements
    • NCCAA Leads the Way with CJH – NCCAA is serving as the Lead Independent Evaluator for a Federal Competitive Abstinence Education Grant awarded to CJH Educational Services, Inc.
    • SEACAA Website Gets New User-Friendly Format in Time for 2016 Conference
  • Governor McCrory Declares May Community Action Month
  • Read More about the FLSA Overtime Exemption Rule – FLSA Overtime Regulations, Society for Human Resource Management
  • Agency Highlight – Coastal Community Action Association
  • Agency Update – Perry Worthington, Job Placement Specialist joins NEW Reentry Services
  • John Edwards Motivates and Inspires NCCAA Case Managers


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