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Designing strategies to help families with low and moderate incomes stabilize their financial lives and rise above poverty.  Become a Follower to receive resources shared as well as topical group updates.

Webinar Presentations and Resources

Tools and Strategies for Helping Clients Build Financial Capability - Webinar and Planning Guide
Financial well-being affects, and is affected by, every other aspect of life.  Recent research suggests that improving a person’s financial stability not only addresses material needs but also frees mental energy for parenting, job performance, and other important pursuits.  Two community action agencies share how they have helped clients build financial capability and improve their financial well-being – Worcester Community Action Council (MA) and NeighborImact (OR).

Building Financial Capability: A Planning Guide for Integrated Services
Building-Financial-Capability-GuideThe Guide is an interactive road-map from the Office of Community Services and CFED with tools that walk organizations step-by-step through the process of developing a plan to incorporate financial capability services into existing programs.  Presenters discuss how organizations can use the tools in the Guide to gain a deeper understanding of clients’ financial lives, determine financial capability services that would be most effective, and assess the resources (both in-house and external) available for delivering financial capability services.

View the webinar recordingPresentation slides (video begins at 1 min 55 sec due to audio delay)

Also see: 5 five-minute videos that contain instructions, tips, and examples

Finding-Out-What-Clients-NeedFinding Out What Clients Need and Training Staff to Deliver These Services

The Building Financial Capability Planning Guide was also featured as part of the May Financial Empowerment online meeting.  Two other community action agencies were showcased through a best practices on Finding Out What Clients Need and Training Staff to Deliver These Services – CAP Services (WI) and Capstone Community Action (VT).

View the online meeting presentationPresentation slides

Meeting People Where They Are: Five Lessons for Integrating Financial Capability Services
This document is written primarily for community-based organizations that provide direct services and want to learn about successful strategies for integrating financial capability services into their existing programs.  Intermediaries, government agency staff, policymakers, funders, financial institutions and other local partners can also read this document to learn how they can support organizations doing this work in their communities.

Meeting People Where They Are: Five Lessons for Integrating Financial Capability Services
CFED and Bank of America Charitable Foundation


Listening & Learning Webinar Series: Financial Coaching & Counseling
This is a very active time for financial coaching and counseling!  In 2015, the Center for Financial Security and Asset Funders Network launched the first-ever Financial Coaching Census.  The results from this Census were released on May 18th, 2016 and provide insights into financial coaching programs across the country from the perspective of coaches, managers, and funders.

Financial-Counseling-and-Coaching-JournalCities for Financial Empowerment Fund just released The Professionalizing Field of Financial Counseling and Coaching Journal, a collection of essays on financial coaching and counseling across four professional pillars: Quality, Consistency, Accountability and Community.  We know that a large number of Assets & Opportunity Network members are deeply involved in this work and are looking for opportunities to engage with peers to learn more.  And so we are excited to partner with the Center for Financial Security to dive deeper into topics from the Census and the issues that we’ve heard matter most to you!

Join Us!  Here are the topics we’ll explore throughout this webinar series:

Increasing Focus: Gaining Clarity about “Financial Coaching” vs. “Financial Counseling” & The Implications for Preparing Your Team – June 8
Webinar recording - Presentation slides

Lead by Design: Deepen Understanding of Program Design & Models to Better Meet People Where They Are
Webinar recording

Demonstrating Success: Identifying Metrics to Measure Financial Coaching & Counseling Impact
Webinar recording

Taking It to the Next Level: Exploring Financial Coaching Platforms & Putting It All Together
Webinar recording

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