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2016 Self-Sufficiency Awards – CAAP

Community Action Association of Pennsylvania

2016 Self-Sufficiency Awards
A Measure of Success

CAAP's Self-Sufficiency Awards reveal stories of focused determination of those who have faced the journey to self-sufficiency head on.  The 2016 Self-Sufficiency Awards luncheon took place in conjunction with CAAP's Annual Conference on April 20, 2016 in Harrisburg, PA.

This was the 19th year that the Community Action Association of Pennsylvania has presented the Self-Sufficiency Awards.  Eight individuals were recognized who represent astonishing resilience as well as two individuals who exhibit outstanding progress toward self-sufficiency.

Self-Sufficiency is a journey; a journey filled with pitfalls, dreams, hopes, adversity, disappointments, and joy. The 2016 Self-Sufficiency Award winner's stories reveal focused determination and exceptional deeds of how they faced their journey back to self-sufficiency head on. At some point in their lives, these individuals faced one or more life challenges that many people never have to encounter. It took a strong personal and community support network, in addition to extraordinary personal determination, to elevate themselves back to self-sufficiency.

Each Community Action Agency is firmly embedded in its community as it works to empower individuals and their families. As you read each success story, you’ll see how widespread, far-reaching, and creative our member agencies are when it comes to helping their clients reach a family sustaining income. They identify community assets, stretch dollars, forge partnerships, gather resources, encourage volunteerism, and tap into valuable resources in many, many ways. Self-sufficiency is a measure of how much income is needed for a family to adequately meet its basic needs – without public or private assistance. The following 10 award winners are the very definition of – A Measure of Success!

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