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2016 Northern New England Community Action Conference

Community Action Reaching Out for a New Generation

May 18- 20, 2016 at the Sunday River Resort in Maine

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2016 Northern New England Community Action Conference

Mark your calendar for this year's conference. We have a full slate of must see keynote speakers and workshops.

Keynote Speakers

  • The Fine Art of People Power - Jonathan Michael Bowman, Clear Picture Leadership
  • Winning the Framing War on Poverty: Lessons from Cognitive and Social Science - Lynn Davey, Davey Strategies
  • Leading Change - Steve Lipton, WIPFLI


There will be five sets of workshop sessions – see conference schedule for a description of each workshop – speaker bios.
Wednesday, May 18
  • How to Lead the Way to Picture Perfect Change - Jonathan Michael Bowman, Clear Picture Leadership
  • Am I Saving Enough for Retirement? - Michael Maguire, Mutual of America
  • HUD Continuums of Care & Rapid Rehousing - Daniel Blankenship, Vermont State Housing Authority
  • Data Collecting: How to Use Surveys, Focus Groups and Evaluations to Meaningfully Tell Your Story - Melissa Nemon, Nemon Consulting LLC
  • Understanding Drugs and How The Drug Problem Is Impacting Your Workplace - Lt Terry L Choate, Jr, Blue U Defense Seminars
  • Marketing Your CAP More Effectively In Less Time With Less Money - Cary Weston, Sutherland Weston Marketing Communications
  • Typewriters to Tablets: Engaging the Different Generations - Tammy Jordan, The Employee Engagement Group
  • Less Stress, More Fun: Bringing Balance into your Life - Anne May

Thursday, May 19

  • Framing Poverty: Deploying Evidence-Based Messaging Strategies - Lynn Davey, Davey Strategies
  • Communication Styles - Laurie Bouchard, L Bouchard & Associates, LLC
  • ROMA for Front-Line Staff (Part 1) - Patte Ardizzoni, Rockingham Community Action
  • Lobbying and Political Activity: Playing by the Rules - Christopher Logue, Esq., CAPLAW
  • Time Management and Prioritization - Laurie Bouchard, L Bouchard & Associates, LLC
  • Collective Impact: An Effective Approach to Reducing Persistent Poverty - Mike Burke, Burke & Company
  • The Internet is More than Funny Pictures of Cats: the Basics, Benefits, and Risks of Social Media - Christopher Logue, Esq., CAPLAW
  • ROMA for Front-Line Staff (Part 2) - Patte Ardizzoni, Rockingham Community Action
  • Board Chair and Executive Director Relationship - Steve Lipton, WIPFLI
  • Moving Families Toward Economic Security Two Generations at a Time - Paige Teegarden, Garrett County Community Action Committee
  • Super Circular---Auditing and Accounting issues relating to the Uniform Guidance - Jack Callahan, Shauna Brown & Lynn Kasch, Leone, McDonnell & Roberts
  • Weatherization Roundtable - Ryan Clouthier, Energy Director, Southern New Hampshire Services Inc. - Elliot Jacobson Vice President of Energy Services for Action Inc. - Erica Burrin, Acting Program Manager, Weatherization Assistance Program, Department of Energy

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