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RFP – Clarity, Impact & Performance Project

Washington State Community Action Partnership


Full RFP

Deadline for proposals is no later than April 30, 2016


The Washington State Community Action Partnership is soliciting proposals for advocacy & marketing, project management, thought participation, and fundraising services to support its Clarity, Impact & Performance Project.

The mission of the Clarity, Impact & Performance Project (Project) is “To grow the impact of the Community Action network on individuals and communities by clearly demonstrating value through measurable outcomes, proven programs and validated research, by promoting a common platform for working collaboratively within local communities, and by creating a culture of innovation and accountability.”

Goal of the Clarity, Impact & Performance Project

By 2017, every Community Action Agency in Idaho, Oregon and Washington has the capability and capacity to rigorously measure its impact on individuals and communities and is using that ability to increase performance and accountability.”  This includes clarifying Community Action Agency goals, identifying indicators, and providing necessary support to facilitate collection, reporting, and use of data for Performance Management.

Proposal Submission

All proposals should be submitted in writing.  Written proposals should be submitted no later  than  April  30,  2016.    Selection  of  the  winning  proposal  will  be  announced  no  later  than  May 21,  2016.  The  resulting  contract  will  begin  June  1,  2016  and  run  for  12  months  with  an  option  for extending into the future.

See Request for Proposal for additional information.

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