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On the Road: Exploring Economic Security Pathways in Ohio

Ohio Association of Community Action Agencies

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On the Road:
Exploring Economic Security Pathways in Ohio
by Diana M. Pearce, PhD, Director
Center for Women's Welfare, University of Washington School of Social Work


This report is the second of two complementary reports that address the issue of economic security for Ohio households.  The Self-Sufficiency Standard approach to economic security consists of three elements: securing the costs of daily basic needs, creating an emergency savings fund, and choosing the appropriate asset-building Economic Security Pathway(s).  The first brief, The Self-Sufficiency Standard for Ohio 2015, covers the first two elements, while this report focuses on the third element of asset-building.

OH-Road-to-Economic-Security (154x200)The Road to Economic Security

This report, assuming that basic needs and emergency savings have been secured, details the costs of taking the next steps towards economic security, which we call Economic Security Pathways. Specifically, this report calculates the costs associated with the following Economic Security Pathways:

  1. postsecondary education,
  2. more secure housing, and
  3. retirement.

It is not assumed that every family can or should take any or all of these pathways. Rather, by providing this information, this report enables individuals and households to make informed choices as to which pathways make the most sense for their situation and family.

Each pathway is presented with Ohio-specific calculations of the costs associated with each presented, by county, as appropriate. Each ESP is illustrated with a scenario that details a specific example of the costs and timeline to achieve the ESP for a given family type in a specific place.


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