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Ohio Self-Sufficiency Standard Calculator and Report

Ohio Association of Community Action Agencies

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Ohio Self-Sufficiency Calculator


The Ohio Association of Community Action Agencies, in cooperation with University of Washington School of Social Work, Center for Women's Welfare, has released The Self-Sufficiency Standard for Ohio 2015 Report, along with an updated and expanded online Self-Sufficiency Calculator for Ohio.  The updated report and calculator, which was developed by Dr. Diana M. Pearce, considers additional real-life factors in a household's budget including transportation, taxes and tax credits, health care, and more - see Methodology Report: The Self-Sufficiency Standard for Ohio 2015.

The Self-Sufficiency Standard for Ohio 2015 Report

The report measures the income households must earn to meet basic needs, build an emergency fund, and then, once self-sufficient, adds the element of asset-building.  "The standard factors in realistic life expenses and demonstrates what self-sufficiency truly looks like in a variety of family compositions," said Philip E. Cole, executive director of OACAA. "This year, we went two steps further to consider what happens after basic needs are met to eliminate the threats of returning to poverty."

Expanded county-by-county self-sufficiency data is available through an Excel spreadsheet with tabs to (1) access Self-Sufficiency Standards for each county for more than 600 different family configurations, (2)

A series of excellent graphics are included that can quickly help build an understanding of various factors affecting family economic self-sufficiency.

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Online Self-Sufficiency Calculator

The online calculator is available on OACAA's website and allows visitors to calculate the income necessary for their family and location to meet the first, second, and third steps to achieving long-term self-sufficiency without outside assistance.


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