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SCC Manager Position Announcement – Seattle Parks and Recreation (WA)

Seattle Parks and Recreation

Seattle, Washington

Seeks Seattle Conservation Corps Manager


ED-SCC-Dec-2015Job Bulletin

Closing Date/Time: Tuesday, December 22, 2015, 4:00 PM Pacific Time

Position Summary

The Seattle Conservation Corps' (SCC) mission is to "utilize public and privately funded projects to employ homeless persons in a supportive work environment, offering work experience leading to long term employment, housing and personal stability." The manager's responsibility is to develop and implement plans for the long-term success of the SCC and the long-term success of individual Corps members by generating $3.5 million in revenue annually to fund the SCC's budget. The manager is responsible for oversight of the operations/projects section of the program, as well as, the Support Services office and must ensure that both sections have the resources they need and are working in tandem to achieve the goals of the organization.

See job bulletin for additional information including responsibilities, qualifications and compensation.

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