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Become A Certified ROMA Trainer: Find Out How (Dec. 10 webinar)

Iowa Community Action Association

Webinar open to CAAs in all states

December 10, 2015 from 2:00 - 3:00 PM EST

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Presenter: Dr. Barbara Mooney

ICAA is pleased to offer the following webinar on behalf of the Region VII RPIC for those interested in learning more about becoming a Nationally Certified ROMA Trainer.

What does it mean to be a Nationally Certified ROMA Trainer (NCRT)? We will discuss what the National Peer-to-Peer Training project IS and what it ISN'T and what is expected of NCRTs now and what will be expected of them as we move into ROMA Next Generation.

Webinar open to CAAs in all states.There are four phases in the process to become a National Certified ROMA Trainer, under the National Peer to Peer (NPtP) Training and Certification Project:

  • Phase One: ROMA E-Course This on-line course is an overview of the key principles and practices associated with ROMA. The e-course must be completed at least one week prior to Phase II, to allow time for preparation.
  • Phase Two: Three Day Train-the-Trainer Classroom Session. During this session Candidates explore presenting the key principles and practices using the standardized Introduction to ROMA curriculum.
  • Phase Three: ROMA Practice Session(s). Candidates practice delivery of the curriculum material in their own communities, regions, states.
  • Phase Four: ROMA Field Internship. Candidates are observed and evaluated to assure they are able to deliver the key concepts in a standardized way.

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