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Long-Term Community Action Leader Releases Book

Navigating the Nonprofit Rapids

Ted Edlich, former CEO and President

Total Action for Progress

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Leading a Highly Successful Nonprofit

Ted Edlich was an incredible trailblazer for 40 years as the president & CEO of TAP. Now he shares the ingredients of his success to help others elevate their work to higher levels.

This book is about what it takes to lead a highly successful non-profit company in our times. It covers the critical areas of creating a vision, executive leadership, developing a strong board of directors, managing for results, team management, creating a vibrant and creative organizational culture, aggressive marketing strategies, the necessity of building social capital through a network of important and influential connections, and the importance of using mindfulness to overcome daily stress and using mindfulness to create a mindful organization.

Navigating the Nonprofit Rapids is based upon four decades of actual experience, the lives of incredible mentors and colleagues and the best of research on the most effective leadership skills and knowledge. It is exciting, inspiring, and contains practical suggestions that can quickly be applied by committed and talented leaders with a mission.

Edlich-acceptance2015 Robert M. Coard Innovation Award Winner

Learn more about Ted Edlich who was honored as the 2015 recipient of the Community Action Partnership’s Robert M. Coard Innovation Award (article featured in the Partnership’s eNews, August 5, 2015).

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