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Fall 2015 Newsletter – Arkansas Community Action Agencies Association

Arkansas Community Action Agencies Association

The Action – Fall 2015

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“What is Community Action?”

Community Action is the only congressionally-established network of agencies given the mandate of addressing the causes and conditions of poverty in the United States…

Notes from the Executive Director

Looking Ahead During a Time of Great Change – Defining our presence in time allows opportunity for redefinition altogether. ACAAA and Community Action as a whole are approaching a time of great change. With multiple transitions in leadership in CAP agencies, the State Association and DHS, we are charged with the opportunity to add a new approach to the war on poverty…

"So, what is ACAAA?”

The mission of the Arkansas Community Action Agencies Association is to provide education, advocacy, and a unified voice to Community Action Agencies to reduce poverty and promote thriving communities in Arkansas…

A Brief and Relatively Painless History of Community Action

Community Action might have turned 50 last year, but it remains as spry and nimble as ever— thanks to its creators’ original design that instilled the program with the flexibility to grow and adapt over time and in changing circumstances…

“What is Community Action?”

See newsletter for coverage of work being carried out in these areas:

  • Community Action is Children/Youth
  • Community Action is Energy/Housing
  • Community Action is Seniors
  • Community Action is Food
  • Community Action is Weatherization

Upcoming Events

ACAAA Board Meeting/Human Resources Training
November 17-18, 2015 in North Little Rock

Fiscal Training: “Developing Strategies for Uniform Guidance Compliance” (intermediate- to advanced-level training)
December 1, 2015 in Little Rock

Community Action Partnership Management and Leading Training Conference
January 6-8, 2016 in New Orleans, LA

NASCSP Mid-Winter Training Conference
February 22-26, 2016 in Alexandria, VA


James “Jim” McPhaul is the newly named Executive Director for Southwest Arkansas Development Council…

Tim Wooldridge was recently named Executive Director of Crowley’s Ridge Development Council…

ACAAA 2015 Annual Conference Awards Accolades

See newsletter for award winners – Best Program, Best Performance in a Leading Role, Best Performance in a Supporting Role, Client Action Awards, Supporter Action Awards.

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