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2015 RPIC Region V Innovations Conference (Nov. 9-10)

RPIC Region V Innovations Conference

hosted by Ohio Association of Community Action Agencies

November 9-10 in Cleveland, OH

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This 2-day event is intended to bring together State Associations and CAAs from Region V to discuss innovation.  Specifically, the event is designed to help participants start to think differently about the causes and solutions to poverty.


Monday, November 9, 2015

9:30 AM -  Registration Opens

10:30 AM -   Coloring Outside the Lines, Jeff Tobe
Innovation requires effective use of your natural creative abilities.  Everyone has them; not everyone uses them. Coloring Outside the Lines teaches you to look at a challenge from a new perspective, provides you with tools to tap your creativity, and to focus on using that creativity to manage the change that must come with innovation.

11:30 AM -  Small Group Discussions, Report Out
Following the workshop, participants will break into small groups to brainstorm on innovative ideas, including what they should be and what local problem they will solve.  Each agency should be prepared to report out one new innovation they want to try at their agency and state the problem it will fix.

12:45 PM -  Lunch
Guest speaker: Denise Harlow, Community Action Partnership

2:30 PM -  Ways to Approach Innovative Thinking, Panel Discussion
Innovation does not always mean reinventing the wheel.  In this panel, some of your Community Action peers who have successfully implemented innovative programs for their community will discuss important considerations and strategic approaches. They have also been invited to discuss changes in agency infrastructures needed when implementing innovative programs.  Bring your questions.

3:15 PM -  Break

3:30 PM -  Small Group Discussions, Report Out
Participants will report to their small groups to refine their ideas based on the ideas and answers from the Panel Discussion.

5:00 PM -  Networking Event
Welcome to Ohio! This event will allow you opportunities to network with your peers across Region V. Dinner and a hosted bar will be available.

The day has been full, but not complete. Participants are invited to either join others or work alone during the evening on the ideas they have begun developing.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

8:00 AM -  Breakfast
Guest speaker: David Bradley, National Community Action Foundation

10:00 AM -  Social Impact Investing, Tony Wells
Co-founder of The Wells Foundation, Tony Wells will discuss how impact investing can advance your mission. Topics covered include changing foundation operations; using social impact investments to stabilize operations, grow, and development new social enterprises; new legal structures, and protecting your nonprofit tax status.

12:00 PM -  Conference ends, but your work continues.  We hope that each community action agency present will leave an “Accountability Date” at the registration table before you leave.  This is a date when you will be asked to report progress on your Innovation.


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