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2015 Connecticut Community Action Agency Conference

Connecticut Association for Community Action

CAFCA-Program-Oct-2015Conference Program


See conference program for workshop descriptions.

  • Case Management and Accountability (Case Management) - Susanne Kenney, CAFCA
  • ACA: What’s Next? (HR) - Ryan Lawless, Jen Fournier, TANGO
  • CAA Organizational Standards and the Community Action Partnership (All staff) - Denise Harlow, Community Action Partnership
  • Liquidity and Organizational Stability (Finance) - Robin Kelley, AAF
  • Tools and Techniques for Effective Board Leadership, Part I: Nuts and Bolts of Tripartite Boards (Governance) - Christopher Logue, CAPLAW
  • The CAFCA Data Warehouse: All you Need to Know (All Staff) - Sheri Righi, SMC Partners
  • The Keys to Successful Case Management (Case Management) - Susanne Kenney, CAFCA
  • Moving from Assessment to Planning (Planning) - Sue Buckley and David Tucker, Brown, Buckley and Tucker Consulting
  • Tools and Techniques for Effective Board Leadership, Part II: Low-Income Representatives and the Democratic Selection Procedure (Governance) - Christopher Logue, CAPLAW
  • Organizational Standards and HR: Best Practices, Tools and Tips (HR) - Jen Fournier, Laura Hurlbirt, TANGO
  • Energy Tools and Updates (Energy) - Carlene Taylor, DSS
  • Cost Allocation Troubles and Tips (Finance) - Robin Kelley, AAF


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