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Sharpen your Strategic Plan Training – FACA

Florida Association for Community Action

Sharpen Your Strategic Plan

October 27-28, 2015 in Tallahassee, FL

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The Organizational Performance Standards require each CAA to have a Strategic Plan. Three categories and fourteen standards reference this new requirement for community action agencies to have a well-crafted and managed strategic plan with progress reported to the board of directors.

A strategic plan is a tool that provides guidance in fulfilling the mission and vision of the agency with maximum efficiency and impact. If it is to be effective and useful, it should delineate specific goals, SMART objectives, and action steps to accomplish them along with accountability protocol for responsibility. A goal without a plan is just a wish and that is why every community action agency needs a strategic plan that is robust, up-to-date and accountable.

This one and a half (1.5) day training will help Board Members, Executive Directors, Planners, Managers and Case Managers to better understand the nuances of effective strategic planning.


  1. Learn how to begin the strategic planning process with the community assessment
  2. Identify family, agency and community needs during the community assessment process
  3. Learn how to prioritize needs and resources
  4. Learn strategic planning from best practice examples
  5. Learn how to set dear priorities and an implementation plan
  6. Learn how to fully use the ROMA Cycle in strategic plan development and implementation
  7. Use SWOT analysis to align internal Strengths and Weaknesses with external Opportunities and Threats


John W. Edwards, Jr., previously served as the Executive Director of Northeast Florida Community Action Agency, Inc. (NFCAA) for over 20 years. Edwards is Immediate Past Chair of the board of directors of Community Action Partnership, Washington, DC; past President of Florida Association for Community Action (FACA); past Co-Chairman of the Jacksonville Living Wage Coalition; and Past Chairman of the Emergency Services and Homeless Coalition of Jacksonville, Inc., among his community involvement interests.

He is a certified national Peer-Peer ROMA Master Trainer, a national certified Pathways Reviewer for the Community Action Standards of Excellence and a Certified Community Action Professional. Edwards also consults with community action agencies and other networks nationally – see full bio.

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