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September 2015 Newsletter – Region II RPIC

Region II Regional Performance and Innovation Consortia

Region-II-Sept-2015Region II RPIC Newsletter - September 2015
New York * New Jersey * Puerto Rico * U.S Virgin Islands

See newsletter for the full article on each of these stories

Region II Finance, Human Resource & Leadership Conference

September 17-18, 2015 in Binghamton, NY – more info including conference brochure and workshop descriptions

News for Knowledge

Coalition on Human Needs Hosting Webinar on Census Bureau's Newest Poverty Data
Using the New Poverty Data
Wednesday, September 9, 2015 from 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM EDT

Knowledge really is POWER: Put Virtual CAP to Work for Your Agency
VirtualCAP.org - an online clearinghouse designed for the Community Action Network…

Become a Member of Virtual CAP
While staying up-to-date with news and information through the VirtualCAP Blog and the RPIC Blog, you can now become a member of Virtual CAP and receive virtualCAP roundUP for premium content… The publication was developed as a low-cost way to keep up with new ideas and opportunities, while helping sustain Virtual CAP as a continuing resource for our Network! Six issues have been published - see complimentary Issue 1, Issue 2, Issue 3 and preview of Issue 4.

National Training Opportunities

CAP – Organizational Standards Webinars in September

The CSBG Organizational Standards go live October 1st-Is your CAA ready?

Category 5 - Board Governance
9/9 at 4:00 ET/3:00 CT/2:00 MT/1:00 PT

Category 7 - Human Resource Management
9/15 at 2:00 ET/1:00 CT/12:00 MT/11:00 PT

Category 6 - Strategic Planning
9/16 at 2:00 ET/1:00 CT/12:00 MT/11:00 PT

Category 2 - Community Engagement
9/17 at 2:00 ET/1:00 CT/12:00 MT/11:00 PT

Category 1 - Consumer Input and Involvement
9/22 at 2:00 ET/1:00 CT/12:00 MT/11:00 PT

Category 4 - Organizational Leadership
9/24 at 2:00 ET/1:00 CT/12:00 MT/11:00 PT

CAPLAW Recording Webinars on Affordable Care Act

CAPLAW hosted a two-part webinar series on Affordable Care Act Check-Ups: Tips on Complying with the Employer Mandate – webinar recordings.

  • Part 1: Determining if Individuals are Full-Time Employees under the Employer Mandate
  • Part 2: Understanding the Employer Mandate's Reporting Requirements

Information on RPIC Region II can be found here: nyscommunityaction.org/rpic/


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