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The Community Action Risk Mitigation Blog Series: #8

This is the eighth in a series of Virtual CAP news feeds, which can be used to support your agency’s efforts in relation to risk mitigation and meeting the CSBG Organizational Standards – full listing of Community Action Risk Mitigation Blogs.

These resources and training materials are drawn from the Community Action Partnership’s National Training Center and the Resource Bank of the CSBG Training & Technical Assistance Resource Center.

“Must Have” Financial Information
CAA Boards and CEOs

Must-Have-Financial-InfoWebinar Recording (78 min)
Webinar Presentation
Presented by Kay Sohl, Kay Sohl Consulting

See below for Technical Assistance Guide and Webinar on Category 8


A CAA’s Balance Sheet and Organization-wide Revenue and Expenses statement provide essential info your organization’s sustainability, compliance, and risks. But where is it? Learn how to find the info jewels on your financials and how to clear away the clutter than can make them hard to see and understand.

This area of responsibility is addressed under:

Webinar topics include:

  • Good News or Bad News – how to find it on your Balance Sheet
  • What organization-wide revenue and expense compared to budget reports can reveal
  • Why detailed grant by grant reports are essential tools for management but may not serve Boards well
  • Who cares about your CAA’s overall financial health and what info do they need to evaluate it
  • How to make financial information make sense for non-accountants (most of the people in our CAA world)

Technical Assistance Guide and Webinar

The Partnership presented a webinar this week on CSBG Organizational Standards - Category 8: Financial Operations and Oversight featuring Jarle Crocker, Director of Training and Technical Assistance along with CPA Kevin Myren who is with CommonBond Communities and is a board member for the Community Action Partnership of Ramsey & Washington Counties in Minnesota.

TA-Guide-Cat-8-webinar-09-01-2015Webinar recording (78 min)
Webinar slides (PDF)

The Partnership is in the process of creating Technical Assistance Guides and conducting Webinars on each of the nine CSBG Organizational Standards categories. Keep checking CSBG Organizational Standards, ROMA Next Generation, and Performance Management Activities to access this material as it’s developed.

The TA Guide on Category 8 has been drafted and will be published in the near future.

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