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June 2015 Newsletter – Region I RPIC

Region I Regional Performance and Innovation Consortia

Region-I-June-2015Region I RPIC Newsletter - June 25, 2015
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NEW! CSBG Organizational Standards Tools for Boards

CSBG Organizational Standards Tools for Boards – What do they mean (and not mean) for boards?
Use this short two-pager on what boards of Private (nonprofit) CAAs can expect out of the CSBG Organizational Standards as a beginning discussion piece for your CAA's governing board.   Overall responsibility does not change, but more policies, reports, and data may be coming to the board (or coming more frequently) than previously.

Video Series for CAA Boards on CSBG Organizational Standards – NEW short video guidance on each standards category

View this 10-part series of short (15 minutes or less) videos that walk through the COE-developed CSBG Organizational Standards for Private (nonprofit) CEEs. These videos review each of the 58 Standards and highlight how they relate to the oversight role of a Community Action board – videos can be watched in any order.

NEW! CSBG Organizational Standards Required Actions Schedule Tool

A Calendar of Required Actions and Calendar of Board Actions has been developed as a resource for Private (nonprofit) CSBG Eligible Entities (CEEs) to help YOU internally plan and track what actions must be taken and when. For the Calendar of Required Actions each of the 58 COE-developed CSBG Organizational Standards is placed into one of six categories…

In the Calendar of Board Action the same categories are used, with an additional section for related Standards. This tool does not contain all 58 Standards, but lists those that specifically require review, approval, or other action by the governing board…

In case you missed it...

The Community Action Partnership (CAP), National Community Action Foundation (NCAF), the National Association of State Community Services Programs (NASCSP), and Community Action Program Legal Services, Inc. (CAPLAW) recently held a joint webinar, Social Media 201: Advocacy, Story-Telling, and Important Reminders, to discuss how Community Action can best utilize social media to share their stories and outcomes data with a wide audience, as well as promote the importance of CSBG, and CSBG Re-authorization to those outside the Network – view webinar recording.

In case you missed it...

Earlier this month, the Office of Community Services and NASCSP held a webinar, Model State Plan: Major Revision.

National/Regional Events Calendar

Community Action Partnership
2015 Annual Convention
August 25-28 in San Francisco, CA

2015 Annual Training Conference
September 15-18 in Sacramento, CA


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