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The Community Action Risk Mitigation Blog Series: #5

This is the fifth in a series of Virtual CAP news feeds, which can be used to support your agency’s efforts in relation to risk mitigation and meeting the CSBG Organizational Standards – full listing of Community Action Risk Mitigation Blogs.

These resources and training materials are drawn from the Community Action Partnership’s National Training Center and the Resource Bank of the CSBG Training & Technical Assistance Resource Center.

Leadership Development and Succession Planning

Leadership development and succession planning go hand-in-hand with ensuring organizational continuity and pertains to CSBG Organizational Standard 4.5 - The organization has a written succession plan in place for the CEO/executive director, approved by the governing board, which contains procedures for covering emergency/unplanned, short-term absences of 3 months or less, as well as outlines the process for filling a permanent vacancy.

Building a Leadership Bench for Your Organization

Building-Your-Agency's-Leadership-Bench (219x300)BATTER UP! Building Your Leadership Bench (toolkit)

Webinar recording ... Presentation
WMV – 74 minutes

Batter UP! Building Your Leadership Bench was produced in coordination with Brown Buckley Tucker Consulting. Specific focus areas center on developing internal leadership and provide an invaluable basis for ensuring that your organization’s leadership pool will remain diverse, accessible, and effective for the future.

Preparing for Your Community Action Agency’s Future:
Sustainability, Succession & Transition

The Community Action Partnership Sustainability Toolkit is a collection of three guides written by TransitionGuides specifically with Community Action in mind. These guides were designed to help Community Action Agency leaders strengthen the capacity of their organizations, especially those organizations that may be facing a chief executive or other leadership transition in the near future. While each of the guides can be used individually, together they are designed to help leaders strengthen their organizations and manage leadership turnover.

The first guide, Organizational Sustainability Planning, is a tool for assessing and strengthening the four areas critical to the organization’s long-term sustainability by conducting an organizational sustainability assessment and using the results of the assessment to develop an organizational sustainability action plan - webinar recording.

The second guide, Executive Succession Planning, provides an overview of three approaches to succession planning and presents a detailed approach for developing “succession essentials,” a board-adopted succession policy for the chief executive position and a companion emergency backup plan for the CEO position, but it can be adapted to other staff leadership positions as well - webinar recording.

The third guide, Executive Transition Management Guide, outlines a three-phase process for managing the CEO transition. It includes 12 ready-to-use tools to help you manage the entire process - webinar recording.

 Organizational-Sustainability-Planning-Guide                    Executive-Succession-Planning-Guide                   Executive-Transition-Management-Guide

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