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June 2015 Newsletter – Michigan Community Action

Michigan Community Action

MCA Catalyst – June 2015

MCA Catalyst - June 2015

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MCA urges EITC protection

Stressing that eliminating the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) would be detrimental, MCA testified during a Senate hearing June 2 that the credit actually has a positive impact on the economy…

MCA expands training facility

CAA staff members take part in a Results Oriented Management Accountability Train the Trainers session in MCA's recently expanded training facility.

Executive Profile: Ron Borngesser driven by MCA's community impact

The woman who walked into the Oakland Livingston Human Services Agency looked familiar to Ron Borngesser, but he was not expecting what she brought with her. "She came in with a check, and I still remember the exact amount: $135.75," Borngesser, the CEO of OLHSA, recalled of the former client, who came to repay the agency for its past assistance. "That was just an incredible thing." The agency had helped the woman pay her heating bill the previous winter, and she returned to donate the same amount, now that she had found a job and was grateful to be financially stable again.

The personal gratification was not in the money, he says, but rather the power of Community Action to make a positive impact, something he has witnessed firsthand during his more than 40 years at the agency. "It grows on you, for certain," he says. "That's why I've stayed all these years. It sort of becomes a missionary zeal when you see all the good that you do in the community."

Head Start celebrates 50th anniversary

With more than 31 million children served since 1965, the federally funded preschool program Head Start celebrated its 50th anniversary on May 18…


June 16
Measuring Success Webinar

June 23
State Association-Leadership Institute

Building Relationships Webinar

Register now for July Summer Conference

MCA's annual Summer Conference will be held from July 28-30 in Bellaire, MI – more infodraft agenda.

MCA's Political Action Committee needs support

Show support for Community Action by contributing items for our live and silent auctions to benefit Friends of Michigan Community Action, our state Political Action Committee. You can become a member of FMCA by joining our "Club 52" for a $52 contribution. Be sure to attend the FMCA reception on Wednesday evening, July 29.


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