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2015 Kansas Conference on Poverty

Kansas Association of Community Action Programs

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The 2015 Kansas Conference on Poverty is being held in Topeka from Wednesday, July 15 – Friday, July 17.


  • Ed Scanlon, University of Kansas School of Social Welfare
  • Judy Zinn, Author and Consultant
  • Plenary Luncheon: Two Generational Approaches
  • Annie McKay, Kansas Center for Economic Growth
  • Rich Hill Documentaryview trailer
  • The Science and Art of Effective Framing – Lynn Davey, Davey Strategies
  • The Power of Circles – Scott Miller, Circles USA


This year's conference will include pre-conference sessions, as well as 39 workshops – see detailed descriptions and meet the experts.

Wednesday, July 15


  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Transformational Nonprofit Leadership and Administration

Session 1

  • Community Engagement
  • Deep Dive: Why it is (really) Time for a Theory of Change
  • Getting Kids Ready to Succeed In Kindergarten
  • Navigating Community Resources
  • Record Expungement for Low Income Kansans
  • SSDI and SSI Work Incentives

Session 2

  • Community Impacts of the Criminal Justice System
  • Entrepreneurship Based Economic Development & Poverty Reduction
  • Involving Consumers in Programming
  • Lobbying and Political Activity: Playing by the Rules
  • National Service as a Solution
  • Strategies to End Hunger in Kansas

Thursday, July 16

Session 1

  • Economic Empowerment: Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Section 3 Program Opportunities
  • Inequality and Health: Engaging the American Indian and Latino Communities, Prisoners, and Low-Income Mothers into Programs that Address Health Inequities
  • Look Before You Leap: Critical Issues in Creating and Operating Earned Income Venture
  • Marketing is Not a Four Letter Word, and Neither is Advocacy
  • Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE)
  • Working Healthy and WORK

Session 2

  • Closing the Coverage Gap: Medicaid Expansion in Kansas
  • Demystifying Strategic Planning: Part 1
  • Generation Transmission of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Connection Poverty
  • Scarcity and Effective Communication
  • Theater of the Oppressed
  • Using Documentaries as an Advocacy Tool
  • Your Workforce System
  • When Higher Wages Increase Poverty: Family Case Studies

Session 3

  • Circles is Right for All Communities
  • Creating Transformative Change: A Collective Impact Approach
  • Demystifying Strategic Planning: Part 2
  • Helping the Homeless IS Helping the Community
  • The Nexus of Needs and Services: Mapping Poverty in Kansas
  • Theater of the Oppressed: Presentation of Scenes
  • Understanding Bankruptcy Options: How & Why the Bankruptcy System Might Be Part of the Solution for People in Crisis

Friday, July 17

Session 1

  • Breaking Through the Bars: Outcomes & Solutions for Working with Children and Families Affects by Paternal Incarceration
  • Framing Poverty: Evidence-Based Messaging Strategies
  • Impoverished Homes: How Sexual and Domestic Violence Can Send a Family Spiraling into Poverty and Homelessness
  • Redeeming the American Dream: Assets and Economic Mobility
  • The Rights of Homeless Students and How They Should Be Served
  • Success One Toddler at a Time


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