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May 2015 Newsletter – Arizona Community Action Association

Arizona Community Action Association

ACAA Newsletter - May 2015
ACAA Newsletter - May 2015

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From the Director – On my Mind this Month

ACAA held a great Conference May 7-8 at the Sheraton Mesa, thanks to so many members, friends, and our sponsors…One of our keynote speakers this year was Linda Tirado, the author of Hand to Mouth: Living in Bootstrap America, a book about what it’s like to live in poverty in the U.S. I had the pleasure of spending quite a bit of time with Linda over the course of the week, and feel that this opportunity has changed my life in some profound ways. One of those ways is to appreciate that no solution to poverty will come without the full engagement of those with the experience of poverty working to create meaningful solutions…

Social Media - An Indispensable Tool?

In addition to providing a stunning keynote address, Linda Tirado also offered two breakout sessions on the use of social media in eradicating poverty. She shared firsthand knowledge of what would allow currently marginalized populations to access essential services.   With the ubiquity of cell phones and near omnipresence of social media, Tirado said that social media is an invaluable tool to be used for Community Action…

Community Based Partners Work To Fight Hunger

Four advocates whose mission is to end hunger in Arizona led a conference panel. Marco Liu (Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona), Dr. Tamera Zivic (WHEAT-World Hunger Education and Training Orientation), Marti Neff (North Country HealthCare), and Edny Gonzalez (Helping Families In Need) spoke with passion about their causes…


The Hanging on When Things Get Tough Breakout Session with Zona Pacheco (Supportive Services Coordinator) and Francisco Blanco (Caseworker II – City of Phoenix) was designed for Case Managers wanting to reconnect or stay connected with the values that brought them to their work of helping their communities. It was a practical workshop and spawned a practical plan to form a Case Manager Peer Group for learning from each other by sharing best practices and supporting each other by providing a vehicle for sharing experiences…

MEMBERS - Also a Crucial Ingredient

Just as sponsors are a crucial ingredient for the ACAA Annual Conference, members ARE a crucial ingredient for the work ACAA does to end poverty. When Kevin goes to the Corporation Commission to advocate for policies and rates that are fair, when Cynthia goes to our legislators to advocate for laws and policies that help those most vulnerable, such as the work done to keep predatory lending from returning in the guise of Flex Loans, we are not just one voice but we speak with the strength of our members behind us…


On April 30 Arizona Community Action Association was honored to be the recipient of the 2015 Community Partnership Award from Empowerment Systems, Inc. ACAA works closely with Empowerment Systems, a nonprofit organization devoted to programming that supports overall health education and wellness…

In Other News

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