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2015 National Community Action Month Toolkit

2014 National Community Action Month

2015 National Community Action Month Toolkit


From the Community Action Partnership - more information on National Community Action Month.

May is a time when we focus our communication efforts to share the great work that Community Action is doing across the country.  Local Community Action Agencies host awards events to honor customers, volunteers, and staff. State Associations host conferences to train, network, and #talkpoverty. Elected officials are issuing formal Proclamations recognizing the important work being done.

The Partnership is pleased to release its annual Community Action Month Toolkit with a new look and feel.  We provider readers with ideas and suggestions for every day during May.

We hope you will use the hashtag #BeCommunityAction in your social media communications.  We know that many of you regularly use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to #BeCommunityAction and May will be a busy month!

We ask you to shine the spotlight on the strengths of your CAA during May.  Talk/tweet/post your success stories, outcome data, and great pictures showing us how you make the Promise of Community Action real every day!

Check out page 6 for a calender with an activity, event, or project idea. And page 10 for Tweets!  Each day of the month has ideas for you and your team to consider taking on as well as a post for your Twitter feed.

Please Share Your Work with the Partnership

Please send us feedback, photos, ideas, and reaction to your Community Action Month efforts.  We will be glad to incorporate into upcoming eNews and Promise Magazines.


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