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NCCAA Financial Empowerment Symposium (April 10)

North Carolina Community Action Association

Financial Empowerment Symposium

April 10 from 10 AM – 2 PM
Raleigh, NC

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Explore opportunities to integrate Financial Empowerment into your Organization’s efforts and also strengthen your personal financial management.

This symposium is especially designed to help organizations identify and evaluate innovative approaches to assist customers with personal sustainability while continuing to provide essential services amidst an ever-evolving economy.  Additionally, community members will learn strategies for personal asset management.

Learn how organizations are incorporating key financial empowerment tools into case management strategies to meet customer needs, and identify new opportunities to create personal wealth.


SUSTAINABILITY – The capacity to survive & thrive amidst constant change—strategies for individual sustainability.

ASSET MANAGEMENT RESOURCES – Various tools for enhancing financial literacy and a survey of partners committed to increasing wealth.

ECONOMIC MOBILITY – Comprehensive perspective on the realities of economic change and movement in North Carolina.

FINANCIAL MODELING – New tools to test new ideas & rethink current strategies

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