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9 Laws of Successful Advocacy Communications

NOW HEAR THIS: The 9 Laws of Successful Advocacy Communications

Industry Guide from FENTON Communications

"Good communication cuts through the clutter, it doesn’t add to it.  It does this by getting the right message, in the right medium, delivered by the right messengers, to the right audience."

Now Hear This: The 9 Laws of Successful Advocacy Communications is an industry guide published by Fenton Communications to help nonprofits create and implement successful advocacy communications efforts.

Excerpt from the Introduction:

Nonprofit organizations are at work on issues of critical social importance.

To succeed, they face the challenge of trying to educate, motivate and mobilize a public that is too often stressed out, overextended, even apathetic.  This process has never been easy, but now it is harder than ever.  Even interested and well-meaning people are cynical, confused and difficult to reach.  Public opinion is not easily moved. People hear more “noise” than ever and they tune out far more than they tune in.

This document is not intended as a blueprint for creating communications campaigns, but offers a way of thinking about campaigns from a strategic marketing and communications perspective.

There are three must haves for any successful campaign:

1 - Clear, measurable goals.

2 - Extensive knowledge of whom you are trying to reach and what moves them.

3 - Compelling messages that connect with your target audience.

We all know this, yet too often we move forward on campaigns without using these three criteria as our guide. How do we ensure these three core components are at the center of the campaign?

4 - Start with systematic planning that is reviewed and then revised.

5 - Specify for people what to do, how to do it, and why.

6 - Make the case for why action is needed now.

7 - Match strategy and tactics to target audiences.

8 - Budget for success.

9 - Rely on experts when needed.

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