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The Community Action Risk Mitigation Blog Series: #1

This is the first in a series of Virtual CAP news feeds, which can be used to support your agency’s efforts in relation to risk mitigation and meeting the CSBG Organizational Standards – full listing of Community Action Risk Mitigation Blogs.

These resources and training materials are drawn from the Community Action Partnership’s National Training Center and the Resource Bank of the CSBG Training & Technical Assistance Resource Center.

Community Action Online Risk Mitigation Tools

Nonprofit Risk Management Center
Community Action Partnership - National Affiliate Page

Getting Started

CAA executive directors, fiscal officers, and human resource managers are often seeking material that can help with risk management for their organization.  The Community Action Partnership’s Nonprofit Risk Management Center affiliates page is a good place to start.

Affiliates have access to various discounted risk management resources as well as a customized risk management tool designed specifically for CSBG eligible entities. The tool may be accessed directly free of charge. The additional resources may be purchased at a discounted rate.  Get free weekly Risk e-News from the Nonprofit Risk Management Center – sign-up here.

Webinar recording: Assessing Risk and Creating Policies – An introduction to the Partnership's NEW, FREE, risk mitigation resource created in coordination with the Nonprofit Risk Management Center (NRMC) designed to help you create custom risk management policies.  Learn how to access, build, and share "My Risk Policies" and ask questions of the tool's creator (and risk guru) Melanie Herman.  This tool, when used in combination with NRMC's online risk assessment tool, provides an accessible process to produce highly customized policies based on an agency-wide risk assessment.

My Risk Assessment/My Risk Management Policies

Fill out a simple registration form to gain access the Community Action Risk Management Portal – see Register on the right side of the upper menu.  From then on, all you need to do in Login.

My Risk Assessment

Work through Modules in each of these areas to create a Risk Management Report for your agency:

My Risk Assessment

Customize Risk Policies for your organization by using templates that can be edited and expanded upon under these categories:

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