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2014 SNAP Challenge Blog

Arizona Community Action Association

2014 SNAP Challenge Blog

For the last four years, ACAA, community agencies, and individuals have taken part in the SNAP Challenge.  The 2014 SNAP Challenge was held from Oct 6-13th.

The SNAP Challenge is a weeklong opportunity to better understand the tough choices individuals must make when living with food insecurity.  While this is an opportunity to gain a small glimpse into the lives of community members, our hope is to engage you and the community in a greater conversation surrounding the critical issue of hunger.

SNAP Challenge Participants Share Their Experiences

  • A Breakfast of Champions? – A special thank you to Holly Lyon for participating in the SNAP Challenge.  Read a summary of her morning meal and a description of how the change in her morning breakfast is impacting her energy.
  • Unprepared: Is $27 Enough? – Thanks to Karen for sharing some of the insights gained during her SNAP Challenge experience.
  • A Note From ACAA’s Executive Director – The experience Arizona Community Action Association’s Executive Director, Cynthia Zwick had while grocery shopping for the week.
  • Ginnie’s Experience – Thanks to Ginnie for providing a glimpse into Day 1 of her experience on the SNAP Challenge.
  • SNAP Decisions: Shopping with Stacy – Take a look at the grocery list and shopping experience of Stacy, a SNAP Challenge participant.
  • Closer to Clients – Renea Gentry, Executive Director at ICM Food & Clothing Bank recently participated in the SNAP Challenge.
  • My weekend on the SNAP Experience
  • My Starchy SNAP Experience
  • Last day of the SNAP Experience
  • Is it possible to eat healthy on a SNAP budget?

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