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2014 CSBG Highlights

NASCSP Publishes 2014 CSBG Highlights


2014 CSBG Highlights

From FY13 CSBG Information System (CSBG IS) Survey

1,040 CSBG agencies in 99% of U.S. counties provided services to 16 million low-income individuals in 6.7 million families
  • 4.3 million children
  • 2.0 million people with disabilities
  • 2.0 million seniors
  • 3.0 million individuals who lacked health insurance
CSBG Network Resources
  • The CSBG Network’s funding totaled $13.3 billion
  • $593 million CSBG dollars supported the core activities of the CSBG Network
  • Including all federal sources, the CSBG Network leveraged $21.91 per $1 of CSBG
  • For every CSBG $1, the Network leveraged $7.46 from state, local, and private sources, including the value of volunteer hours

CSBG Network National Performance Outcomes

Below is a subset of the Network's 31.5 million outcomes, including indicators of movement toward self-sufficiency and community revitalization.

Employment or Work Supports
6.5 million low-income participants in CSBG Network employment initiatives obtained supports which reduced or eliminated barriers to initial or continuous employment, acquired a job, obtained an increase in employment income, or achieved “living wage” employment and benefits.

Economic Asset Enhancement and Utilization
0.9 million low-income households achieved an increase in financial assets or financial skills as a result of CSBG Network assistance.

Child and Family Development
4 million infants, children, youth, parents, and other adults participated in developmental or enrichment programs facilitated by the CSBG Network and achieved program goals.

Independent Living for Low-Income Vulnerable Populations
3.4 million low-income vulnerable individuals received services from the CSBG Network and maintained an independent living situation as a result.

Family Stability
3.6 million low-income participants obtained supports which reduced or eliminated barriers to family stability through assistance from the CSBG Network.

Emergency Assistance
9.4 million low-income individuals and families received emergency assistance from the CSBG Network.

Community Opportunities and Resources
2.6 million community opportunities or resources were improved or increased for low-income people as a result of CSBG Network projects or initiatives, or advocacy with other public and private agencies.

Community Empowerment
1.1 million community members and low-income people mobilized to engage in activities that support and promote their own well-being and that of their community as a direct result of CSBG Network initiatives.



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