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Videos from Community Action’s 50th Anniversary Convention!

Community Action Partnership

50 Years of Moving Forward

Videos from Community Action’s 50th Anniversary Convention!

Beyond These Hills: Discussion Between Sargent Shriver and Billy Graham

In the summer of 1967, the North Carolina Fund and WAMY Community Action financed a rural water project in the Avery County settlement known as Blevins Creek.  Until that time, local residents had walked miles each day to fetch water in buckets from a nearby spring.

Sargent Shriver, director of the federal Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO), and evangelist Billy Graham visited Blevins Creek for the project's dedication ceremony.  They talk about the state's responsibility to help those in need by training them to help themselves and thereby retain their dignity.  Graham parallels this responsibility with teachings of the Bible and Christianity.

Keynote Speakers - Juan Williams, Sister Simone Campbell, and Robert Egger

The Spirit Moving – Community Action in Flight from 1964-2014: Juan Williams, Honorary CCAP, Commentator and Author

View C-SPAN Video - Juan Williams was the opening keynote speaker at the convention. He talked about the need for community action and to continue efforts towards the “War on Poverty.”  He also acknowledged the work of the Community Action Partnership.

A Conversation with Sister Simone Campbell: Leading the Way for the 100%

View C-SPAN Video - In an age of growing income and wealth disparity that is undermining our society, we must come together to restore our capacity to act together for the common good.  Sister Simone Campbell explores the impact of poverty on the fabric of our society and renew our commitment to create policies that promote the common good.  This is the faithful and patriotic way forward.

Leadership Day Keynote Address: Robert Egger

View C-SPAN Video - Egger is the founder of LA Kitchen and formally with DC Kitchen.


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