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2014 CAAP Self-Sufficiency Awards

Community Action Association of Pennsylvania

2014 CAAP Self-Sufficiency Awards

Beyond: Celebrating past accomplishments by looking to future opportunities

Self-Sufficiency is a journey; a journey that is filled with pitfalls, dreams, hopes, adversity, disappointments and joy.  Each story reveals the focused determination and exceptional deeds of those who have faced this journey head on.  They chronicle the lives of people who overcame insurmountable odds.  People with the extraordinary determination to achieve more in life, but lacked the support network that would allow them to do so.

This is the 17th year for the Community Action Association of Pennsylvania’s Self-Sufficiency Awards.  CAAP is proud to present 14 individuals who demonstrate the accomplishments of self-determination as well as one individual who has exhibited superior progression toward self-sufficiency.

For 50 years Community Action Agencies (CAA) have been moving people out of poverty and into self-sufficiency through flexible programming tailored to their communities.  CAAs evaluate the needs of their individual communities and provide the services their neighbors need to succeed.  That ability to shape services to fit community needs is the extraordinary legacy of Community Action.

In Pennsylvania, 43 CAAs provide extensive services for low-income families in all 67 counties.  Working to empower the 1.3 million Pennsylvanians living in poverty and giving them the opportunity to gain skills and confidence they need to succeed.

Each CAA is firmly embedded in its community as it works to empower individuals and families.  As you read these individual success stories, you’ll see how widespread, far-reaching and creative our member agencies can be when it comes to fighting poverty.  They identify community assets, stretch dollars, forge partnerships, gather resources, encourage volunteerism and tap into valuable resources in many, many ways.  You will realize from reading these stories that Community Action Agencies are not intimidated by complex problems, multiple funding streams or formidable obstacles as they help people in poverty strive for a better life.  They simply keep looking for solutions to move people, families and communities Beyond.


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