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A Decades of Outcomes – Minnesota Community Action

Minnesota Community Action Partnership

A Decade of Outcomes – Minnesota Community Action

September 2012

A Decade of Outcomes: 2001-2011

This anniversary report chronicles 10 years that Minnesota Community Action Agencies have been reporting on outcomes using the national Results Oriented Management and Accountability (ROMA) framework…Over 10 years ago ROMA was established to provide a national system that all Community Action Agencies could use to capture information about activities and services.  This information then could be used to understand how to make improvements, and to the extent possible, tell a common story, using the same language.

Minnesota agencies adopted ROMA right away and staff and boards were trained, technology was employed, and data was collected and analyzed. Reports have been written, and staff and boards at agencies have used outcome information to make appropriate improvements to their work.  The state association has used outcome information to inform the state legislature and Congress about the success of Minnesota Community Action.

In Minnesota, Community Action has a strong statewide infrastructure that has been innovative, flexible, and responsive to issues of generational, situational and deep poverty.  Minnesota agencies and Tribal Reservation Governments access resources to end poverty and build strong communities, partner at the local level and make the best possible use of their limited resources.  Their success has been remarkable.  It has been said that poverty would be much worse without the work of local Community Action.

Having good outcome information has been key in the battle to end poverty. Using technology has been extremely important.  Agencies know what they are doing, and evaluate and improve their work. Community Action isn’t what it used to be. It is much more sophisticated in terms of management and evaluation.  ROMA has assisted with that. Data tells us that Community Action is more successful than ever.  Community Action Agencies are on top of their game.  They are ready to engage with low-income families and individuals and the community to insure a strong future for Minnesota.

Report Contents

Community Action in Minnesota
Program Incubation and Innovation
Selected History of Community Action in Minnesota
Results Oriented Management and Accountability
A Brief History of Measuring Results in Community Action
Family Outcomes 2001 – 2011
Community Outcomes 2001 – 2011
Agency Outcomes 2001 – 2011
Growing Demand for Services 2001 – 2011
Program Services 2001 – 2011
Community Action Participants 2001 – 2011
Community Action Funding 2002 – 2011
CSBG Expenditures 2001 – 2011
The Future of Community Action
Community Action Agencies in Minnesota

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