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From Poverty to Opportunity Tour 2014


From Poverty to Opportunity Tour 2014

NYSCAA is commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the signing of the Economic Opportunity Act with From Poverty to Opportunity: NYS Community Action Poverty Tour 2014.  The tour is serving as an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the success of Community Action and be guided toward the future by the voices and stories of low income people.

NYSCAA is coordinating the tour as a statewide effort to bring attention to and confront misconceptions about poverty and to highlight the accomplishments of New York State’s Community Action Agencies.  And to be a call to action and generate excitement in our network.

Working with member agencies, NYSCAA's Poverty Tour will stop in some two dozen communities between April and October.  Events will include public forums and “speak outs”, workshops, trainings, and film screenings with expert-facilitated discussions for community members, non-profit agencies, educators and government.

A Hunger Banquet will be held in at least one community; in another participants will dine on native foods; and in other communities NYSCAA will coordinate poverty simulations.

These events will take place in every part of the state.  Some will be one day long and some will have two or three days of activities.


You can find a Tour calendar and other information at nyspovertytour.org.  Please take a look at the website where you will also see our Tour logo, the beautiful picture designed for the tour and printed on coffee mugs and T shirts, all of which we are selling if you are interested!

Launch of the Tour

The Tour was launched as part of NYSCAA’s 8th Annual Symposium on Poverty and Economic Security on April 2 and 3, which will brought together a couple hundred or more of people at the State Capitol complex in Albany, New York for two days of education, information and resource sharing and networking.

On Thursday, April 3rd, From Poverty to Opportunity: NYS Community Action Poverty Tour 2014 kicked off with a speak out featuring people who have lived in poverty and a presentation by Katie Wright from the Center for American Progress Half in Ten Campaign.

The excitement generated by our Tour has led NYSCAA to consider producing a documentary film on the Tour and Community Action’s work in New York.   We have found an amazing film company who shares our passion and for this project and who is making plans to attend our Symposium and some of our Tour stops to begin filming.  We are searching for corporate underwriters for the film and are confident that it will come to pass!

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