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2014 ACAA Community Action Leadership Awards

Arizona Community Action Association

Celebrating 50 Years of Community Action

2014 Community Action Leadership Awards

ACAA 2014 Community Action Leadership Award Form

Lyndon B. Johnson, Paladin of Community Action Award

Community Action is based on the principle that local control can best provide for sustainable community development.  The Community Action Program dates back to 1964, when it was included in the Economic Opportunity Act under President Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty.  In celebration of 50 years of Community Action, this one-time award will be given to one individual who has displayed long-term, exemplary work in Community Action.  Recipients of this award are individuals who like President Lyndon B. Johnson, exhibit individual responsibility and the willingness to take action against injustices in their communities in both their professional life and personal life.

Margie Frost Champions Against Poverty Award

This a highly prestigious award for an individual or organization that has become involved in the community or has demonstrated statewide efforts and has unselfishly made personal sacrifices to help others.

This award will be made to an individual or organization whose life or mission reflects a dedication to fighting or eliminating poverty in his/her community or within the state of Arizona, and is truly an inspiration and role model in advocating against poverty.

Legislative Leadership Award

This award will be made to a currently elected or former Legislator whose efforts reflect a statewide commitment to eliminating poverty and other associated issues, and who has made a significant and positive impact on the lives of those affected by poverty.

Media Leadership Award

This award will be made to any individual or organization that is associated with a newspaper, radio or television station that has increased public awareness.  Through this awareness, there have been positive results for human service organizations and those they serve.

Beating the Odds Award

This award recognizes an individual or family who, through their own hard work and the assistance of a CAP and/or other social service or community agency, beat the odds to overcome poverty and better their lives.  This individual or family exemplifies the characteristics of economic self-sufficiency and has overcome the struggles of generational or situational poverty to remain self-sufficient and attain their own goals (i.e. going to school, moving into a home, getting out of debt, etc.).

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