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Paycheck to Paycheck Premiers March 17th – Host a Screening!

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From The Shriver Report

From Maria Shriver’s groundbreaking multi-platform The Shriver Report: A Woman’s Nation Pushes Back From The Brink in partnership with Center For American Progress comes an emotional film in partnership with HBO Documentary Films that will ignite a conversation in the nation about the story of our time, told through the life of one woman, Katrina Gilbert, whose daily struggles illuminate the challenges faced by 42 million women and the 28 million children who depend on them.

PAYCHECK TO PAYCHECK: THE LIFE & TIMES OF KATRINA GILBERT offers a deeply personal, unvarnished and moving story of Katrina Gilbert, a single mom of three, struggling to get ahead but constantly getting knocked back by a system that almost seems designed to see her fail - listen to the short interview with Katrina Gilbert (1:00).

The documentary premieres Monday, March 17th at 9pm on HBO.

Don’t have HBO?  CLICK HERE to register for the FREE Streaming Event

A Screening Guide has been created to help organize a Screening and to promote discussions related to issues raised in the film.  The guide also includes a ten question Pre-Screening Quiz (take it now before accessing the answers).

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