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Making Valentine’s Day a Community Action Day

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For the 50th Anniversary of the War on Poverty, KACAP has many exciting things planned.  From the development of the Kansas Scorecard on Economic Security, to an even larger, more comprehensive Kansas Conference on Poverty, we plan to make 2014 a true celebration.

But looking at the calendar, we know there is another celebration even more pressing. Valentine's Day is a wonderful time to share our love of Community Action: Our Work, Our Colleagues, Our Volunteers, Our Clients and Our Advocates.  If you share this passion, would you consider making this Valentine's Day a Community Action Day?

Instead of cards or candy, why not give the gift of a brighter future?  KACAP has "Living the Promise" Wristbands (featuring the oh-so-timely Community Action "Huggy Heart") and the beautiful Poverty: A-Z Postcard Books, that, if you order this week, will be delivered by Valentine's Day 2014.

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