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Talking Points for the War on Poverty

The 50th Anniversary of the War on Poverty

Proactive Talking Points

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Talking Points

Info received from Don Mathis, President & CEO of the Community Action Partnership

The 50th anniversary of the War on Poverty is coming up quickly on January 8th and the folks at Half in Ten have been busy developing resources to help with your advocacy efforts around it.

Talking Points for the War on Poverty are just a small sampling of the extensive polling, focus groups, and research that Half in Ten (and its parent organization, Center for American Progress and partners: Coalition on Human Needs and Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights) have pulled together to help commemorate and publicize the 50th anniversary of the War on Poverty, Economic Opportunity Act, Community Action.

While the Talking Points do not reference Community Action specifically, you’ll see easily where Community Action fits into the points and arguments made.  Moreover, there’s lots more validated & valuable information coming SOON!

More from the Half in Ten Campaign

In addition to the Talking Points, please look out for the following products that will be coming out:
  • A new Half in Ten action toolkit including sample letters to the editor, op-eds, talking points, social media, and other resources to help generate attention. Expected release: January 3.
  • A new report by the Center for American Progress: The War on Poverty Then and Now: Applying Lessons Learned to Challenges and Opportunities for a 21st Century America. Expected release: January 7
  • A new report by Half in Ten: 50 Years After LBJ’s War on Poverty: A Study of American Attitudes about Work, Economic Opportunity, and the Social Safety Net. Expected Release: January 7.

We hope these resources will be useful to you as you’re developing messaging, media and actions around the anniversary.

The Campaign to Cut Poverty in Half in Ten Years

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