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NYSCAA Tools and Trends

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NYSCAA Tools and Trends

Welcome to the new Tools and Trends feature of NYSCAA’s website. The various articles, white papers and reports will provide background and talking points on current research and policy, as well as examples of innovative programs and events.  They will provide you with ideas for issuing press releases, as well as support your communication with elected representatives and the media.

While resources will be added on an ongoing basis, quarterly we will send you a list of the latest resources added.  Here is a list of what you will find there in December of 2013.

  • Atlantic article about poverty
  • Blog essay poverty and decision making
  • Brain research low SES
  • Facebook Best Practices.pdf
  • FRAC Report on Breakfast in the Classroom
  • Free Verse
  • How Employment Credit Checks Perpetuate Poverty and Discrimination - Spotlight On Poverty
  • How to Eat Healthy on a Budget
  • HUFED Local Food Innovations Report
  • Minimum Wage Increase
  • More Brain Research poverty
  • Pivot Point Full Report
  • Setting goals
  • Small Scale Healthy Food Retail
  • Student Homelessness
  • Wanting More Working Less
  • The Working Poor
  • Working Poor Labor Statistics

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