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Community Action Whole-Systems Thinking & Learning Tool

The Community Action Whole-Systems Thinking & Learning Tool

Created by the Illinois Association of Community Action Agencies

What is InterAction!?

InterACTION! is a visual thinking and learning tool that uses conversation and game-like strategies to engage Community Action staff, board members and stakeholders.  The objective of InterACTION! is to build energy, develop understanding of whole systems thinking, and create action plans for agency improvement.

Learn How InterACTION! Works - View video

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What is Whole-System Thinking?

InterACTION! combines Operational Framework Questions, Agency Process and ROMA goals so that participants see the whole picture of the agency.
  • Operational Framework
    Components of any organization: Fiscal, Infrastructure, Performance, Structure, Communication, Human Resources, & Leadership. Also included: Customer, Environment & Wild Card (scenarios).
  • Agency Process
    The center of the gameboard illustrates the cycle that an agency completes for any program: planning, workplans, implementation, reporting, evaluation, needs assessment.
  • ROMA Goals
    The ROMA Goals 1-6 are present at the base of the board.  Updates will be provided as ROMA Next Generation gets developed

Why use InterACTION!?

InterACTION! can...
  • Develop Leadership Capacity
  • Train New Employees
  • Focus on the Customer
  • Solve Problems
  • Promote Scenario Thinking
  • Facilitate Strategic Planning
  • Integrate Community Action Standards of Excellence
  • Break Down Silos
  • Improve Agency Operations

What is included?

  • InterACTION! Game board
  • 10 InterACTION! Operational Framework Conversation Decks: Communication, Fiscal, Human Resources, Infrastructure, Leadership, Performance, Structure, Customer, Environment, Wild Card
  • 3 Program Conversation Decks (CSBG, LIHEAP, Weatherization)
  • 1 InterACTION! Conversation Starter (spinner)
  • 1 subject card and stand for subject card
  • 1 2-minute timer
  • Action plan tear-off pad
  • 3 pencils
  • 1 dry-erase marker

What is the price?

$250.00 - Order Form
Contact info:
Illinois Association of Community Action Agencies
3435 Liberty Drive, Springfield, IL 62704

Illinois Association of Community Action Agencies


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