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Performance Management for Community Acton White Paper

National Association for State Community Services Programs

White Paper on Performance Management
for Community Action

Third iteration published July 31, 2013

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Everything you need to know to participate in the ongoing discussions about Performance Management for Community Action is available in this newly revised, Third Iteration White Paper.  It summarizes the key highlights from the ongoing national dialogue as well as some of the best thinking to date on the subject from within the Community Action network as well as from other experts in the field.


This white paper discusses both the framework of a Theory of Change and Results Oriented Management and Accountability Next Generation in the Community Action Network.  It is revised from previous versions to reflect network input and discussion.


Community Action is unique. We know that.  But how do we describe what we do and demonstrate that we're effective?  This paper highlights the unique qualities of Community Action service delivery and outcomes.  It also demonstrates how the success of the network can be shared through data and narratives.


Network discussion will continue August - September.  Pilot testing of any proposed changes will occur October - January 2014.  A final white paper will be released in February 2014.


Visit us online at www.nascsp.org-CSBG-ROMA.





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