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Searching for Sugar Man – Academy Award WINNER – Best Documentary Feature

Community Action Book Club

Something different this month - a film rather than a book!

This Academy Award winning feature documentary can help with reflecting
on how much we really understand about those we serve and on our own lives as well.


Searching for Sugar Man (trailer - 2:22)

View the Movie

Searching for Sugar Man
(86 min) is available to stream for free through DocumentaryArea.TV and Netflix or as rental from Amazon Instant Video and iTunes.

NOTE: Strongly suggest that you view the film BEFORE learning anything else about this story.

Questions to Explore

  • Discussion Guide
    Influence Film Club

    Describe some of the values that were depicted in the film.

  • What was it about Rodriguez’s world view that enabled him to focus on what was good in his life despite unfairness and hardship as commonly defined?
  • Why wasn’t Rodriguez bitter about how his talents were financially exploited?
  • What lessons can be learned from Rodriguez’s story?
  • Have you encountered any people with similar qualities as Rodriguez?
  • How do you discover the talents and capabilities of people served by your agency?
  • What questions are you pondering about Rodriguez?

Please LET US KNOW if you have any suggested titles for future selections.

Excerpt from Movie Review by Roger Ebert

See full review
"Searching for Sugar Man" is a documentary that enlists us in the process of its search. Using archival footage, it shows both Segerman [record store owner who searched for "Sugar Man"] and Bendjelloul [director of the film] pressing ahead in a quest that became increasingly frustrating. The information they eventually dislodge about Rodriguez suggests a secular saint, a deeply good man, whose music is the expression of a blessed inner being. I hope you're able to see this film. You deserve to. And yes, it exists because we need for it to.

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