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Connecticut Poverty Report

Meeting the Challenge

The Dynamics of Poverty in Connecticut

Connecticut Poverty Report – January 2013

Meeting the Challenge: The Dynamics of Poverty in Connecticut…is one step toward describing, statistically and anecdotally, and in narrative and graphic form, just how deep and wide the conditions of poverty are that exist in Connecticut. This report includes details about the nature of poverty in Connecticut and suggests basic concerns for Connecticut’s ability to employ more if its residents. In addition, this report offers recommendations for reversing the trend and, more importantly, making Connecticut a place where all citizens do not just survive—they thrive.

The Connecticut Poverty report was funded by the Connecticut Department of Social Services with Community Services Block Grant funds. The project was directed by the Connecticut Association for Community Action (CAFCA). The firm of BWB Solutions developed the data graphics and collaborated with the Connecticut Center for Economic Analysis to assemble the report narrative and data explanation, with assistance from CAFCA in the editing process.


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