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Leap of Reason: Managing to Outcomes in an Era of Scarcity

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Leap of Reason

Managing to Outcomes in an Era of Scarcity

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Venture Philanthropy Partners Chairman Mario Morino, McKinsey & Company, and a host of notable nonprofit leaders have collaborated on a book that is inspiring leaders to take bold action to create more meaningful, measurable good for those they serve.

Leap of Reason: Managing to Outcomes in an Era of Scarcity has caught fire among readers in the nonprofit and public sectors and is being used to inform board meetings, strategic-planning sessions, performance-management projects, professional-development curricula, and graduate/undergraduate classes.

The authors argue that in this era of scarcity, it is no longer good enough for organizations to show that they’re meeting real needs; they need to show they’re making a real difference. “The cold reality is that in our present era of unsustainable debts and deficits,” Morino says, “our nation simply will not be able to justify huge subsidies for social-sector activities and entities without more assurance that they’re on track to realize results.”

Put Leap of Reason to Work for You

Leap of Reason for Boards outlines how you can:
  • Approach the core questions of mission effectiveness
  • Foster an ever-evolving organizational climate that embraces a performance culture
  • Assess your organization’s readiness to act
  • Promote a greater awareness of how and why your organization collects data
  • Do a “deep dive” into other resources
Leap of Reason for Nonprofits gives suggestions to:
  • Generate interest, inspire action
  • Enhance board and stakeholder involvement
  • Introduce high performance into leadership development programs
  • Enhance professional staff development
  • Implement a managing-to-outcomes approach

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