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Nonprofit Sustainability

Nonprofit Sustainability

Are you registered for the November 14th webinar on Non-Profit Sustainability: Making Strategic Decisions offered by the New York State Community Action Association?  Based on the 2010 book by Jan Masaoka, Jeanne Bell and Steve Zimmerman, Nonprofit Sustainability: Making Strategic Decisions for Financial Viability, this session introduces the model and links it to the planning, budgeting and evaluation protocols familiar to CAAs and will engage session participants in developing preliminary scenarios from their own organizations.

Here are some other resources on nonprofit sustainability to put to use for your organization!

Guide to Building Strong Community Action Agencies Delivering Results in Their Communities

Planning for Sustainability is a guide from the Community Action Partnership that covers seven important elements for sustainability, including the crucial element of Strategic Resource Development.  The elements are relevant both for the organization as a whole as well as the specific programs and efforts of the CAA.

Resource Development/Sustainability

Module 5 from Striving for Excellence: An Annotated Resource Guide for CAA Boards includes a variety of useful tools and material on Resource Development/Sustainability under these topics:

And More

Lists factors under eight categories: Funding - Planning & Evaluation - Program Design & Implementation - Partners - Personnel - Host Agency Factors - Broader Community Factors - Communications.
Presents a six-step process to identify and develop the right funding model for your organization.The Sustainability Formula from TCC Group – see press release (July 7, 2009)
Based on an analysis of the factors that predict sustainability for approximately 700 nonprofit organizations that were surveyed using the Core Capacity Assessment Tool.  Highlights the three main factors that determine a nonprofit’s sustainability: leadership, adaptability, and program capacity.
Nonprofit Sustainability from the Housing Assistance Council (Fall 2009)
A series of articles describing how nonprofit groups have strategically advanced long-term viability
Increasing the Long-Term Viability of Your Programs - Community Solutions            34 Factor Promoting the Sustainability of Programs - Community Solutions
Finding Your Funding Model: A Practical Approach to Nonprofit Sustainability - The Bridgespan Group            The Sustainability Formula - TCC Group            Nonprofit Sustainability - Housing Assistance Council

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