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2012 CED Award Winners

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2012 CED Entrepreneurship and Innovation Award Winners

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The Community Action Partnership’s Economic Development Awards recognize exemplary programs in community economic development for the Community Action Network.  The awards honor Community Action Agencies for their outstanding leadership and innovative operations to create change for low-income individuals and families in urban, suburban, and rural communities.

See Nomination Form for additional information on the awards program.  The Partnership's CED Awards Program is sponsored by 84 Lumber and SafeLink

2012 Award Winners

  • Community Revitalization and Investment – CAA project/programs that have developed geographically targeted comprehensive strategies and plans: this may include leading or being part of a neighborhood, city, regional or statewide comprehensive planning effort (in partnership with public and/ or private sector entities) focused on the revitalization of a community.  This category may include residential neighborhoods, business and/or industrial districts.
    Uniontown Family Homes Project
    Fayette County Community Action Agency (PA)
    FCCAA developed 30 single family lease- to- own homes
  • Energy Efficiency and Sustainability – Weatherization programs, energy training centers, solar installation programs, projects and businesses operated by the applicant that create jobs are eligible in this category:  this includes, green job work that improves environmental quality, directly providing environmentally friendly goods or services (from recycling to creating new opportunities in agriculture or food) or carrying out an economic function in a more environmentally friendly/beneficial manner.  Additionally, entrepreneurial ancillary community economic development efforts around recycling and energy savings and services are part of this category.
    CAP Solar
    Bergen County Community Action Partnership (NJ)
    An energy social enterprise to lower the electricity costs of CAPs and affiliated nonprofit organizations
  • Entrepreneurship – Launching a new business in this historically difficult economic environment requires two things in abundance: preparation and patience. It is critical that new entrepreneurs lay a sound foundation for their enterprises, starting with thoroughly researched and well thought out business plans, and access to experienced mentors and advisers (Entrepreneur Magazine, 2010).  This category is open for CAAs that have job creation programs, business incubators, social enterprises, microloan funds, Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFI), entrepreneurship encouragement programs, and business technical assistance programs.
    Rural Energy Enterprises
    Rural Alaska Community Action Program (AK)
    REE is Rural Alaska's social enterprise selling a variety of high-quality, energy products to regional businesses
  • Real Estate Development – This category includes multi-family housing, single-family housing, commercial buildings, community facilities, and mixed use/income.  An affordable housing or mixed income project developed or co-developed by a CAA in which the CAA held an active role such as member of the development team, limited partner, financing agent, landowner or manager.  Included are single family or multi-family units for rental or sale; projects that provide housing for seniors or other vulnerable populations (handicapped, disabled, homeless and at-risk youth); development of real estate for organizational or market uses; service centers; child care facilities; health care centers; charter schools; and/or recreation, cultural and community centers.
    Bergen County HELP Center
    Bergen County Community Action Partnership (NJ)
    1.75 acre industrial park converted into a multi-service campus
  • Protégé – Spotlight is an award for a Community Action Agency that has embarked on their first or second economic development project.  The project for this award can be from any category listed above and implemented within the last three years.  The focus is an agency new to community economic development (CED).  The Network has numerous agencies involved in CED but the Protégé award is designed to honor the leadership and innovation of CAAs taking a new risk to enter the community economic development field and build capacity within their community.  We will also accept agencies that are in the development stages of projects.
  • Ivy Lane and Crossroads Neighborhood Project
    PACE Community Action Agency (IN)
    31 unit apartment building developed as part of agency’s Neighborhood Stabilization Program
  • Master Innovator – The Master Innovator award recognizes the extraordinary contribution by a Community Action Agency or individual to the community development field.  To be eligible for the Master Innovator award a CAA must have completed at least 3 projects in at least 2 areas above in the last five years.
  • GROW South Dakota (fka NESDCAP/NESDEC)
    GROWSD developed two schools on an Indian reservation and an apartment building for very low-income residents


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