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Breakdown: Americans on the Edge

We live in the world's richest country, a cornucopia brimming with spacious, warm homes; supermarkets stuffed with food; educational opportunities; cradles of innovation; a dizzying cascade of techno-gadgets, mobile devices, and flat-panel TVs; tank-sized cars and luxury resorts -- and, of course, piles and piles of money. Yet we are also home to a middle class confronting the erosion of several decades of financial and social gains and a deeply entrenched population of impoverished Americans cursed with diminished opportunities, diminished ways of escape, and diminished expectations.

The Huffington Post has just launched a year-long exploration and examination of the lives of middle class and poor Americans in a series called "Breakdown: Americans on the Edge."  We'll have about two dozen reporters and editors dedicated to this subject and they'll cover as many facets of this problem as they can -- from health care, education, suburban strife, and the withering social safety net to the special plight of children and the violence and tumult of the world that engulfs those who have been poor for generations.

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