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2011 Indiana Statewide Community Needs Assessment

Indiana Community Action Association

2011 Indiana Statewide Community Needs Assessment

Statewide and Local Community Needs Assessments

The 2011 Community Needs Assessments are the third full-scale needs assessments to be completed for the Indiana Community Action Network.  The 2011 Statewide Community Needs Assessment Report looks at the Network comprehensively and evaluates how Community Action is meeting community needs statewide.  It is our hope that the Statewide Community Needs Assessment will provide valuable data to the Network and will help the Network to target programs and services to address those with the greatest need in their communities.

Individualized needs assessment brochures have also been created for each of the 23 CAAs in Indiana.  Select any Indiana CAA to access its respective 2011 Community Action Needs Assessment.

  • Extent of Poverty in the CAA's Service Area
  • Locally Identified Causes of Poverty from client surveys
  • Strategies Undertaken by the CAA to Address the Causes of Poverty

Components of Indiana Statewide Needs Assessment


Service Area Overview

State and County Level Census Data

Clients Served By Indiana’s Community Action Agencies (Data from Indiana Community Service Block Grant Reports)

Locally Identified Causes of Poverty and Community Needs (Data from Client and Stakeholder Surveys)

Strategies to Address the Causes of Poverty

Strategies to Address Employment Barriers

Strategies to Address Health Insurance Barriers

Strategies to Address Child Care Barriers

Strategies to Address Housing Barriers

Strategies to Address Food Security Barriers

Strategies to Address Banking Services Barriers

Agency Utilization

Appendices inc. Client and Stakeholder Survey Instruments

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