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During 2010, the Nevada Community Action Association (NCAA) applied for and received a grant from the Federal Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of Community Services to document “Exemplary Practice Models” being used by Community Action Agencies and other employment agencies in Nevada.  The project documented the tactics utilized by top performing Nevada agencies in the employment and green jobs sector.  The purpose of documenting such tactics was so that the tactics may be implemented by other employment agencies and programs throughout the country.

After conducting research, surveys, and site visits the following key exemplary practice themes were identified throughout Nevada’s agencies:

  1. Financial Health: help clients assess and sustain lifestyle needs, analyze revenue and expense requirements, beyond survival.
  2. Accountability-based Coordinated Support Services: case management services to ensure stability and expectations of personal responsibility and readiness to work.
  3. Targeting Specialized Populations: specific programming tailored to unique needs and priorities of non-traditional groups.
  4. Strategic Partnerships: internal partnerships and integration of services to external networks with public and private organizations.
  5. Data-Driven Systems: on-line databases, tracking and reporting for internal planning and decision-making and external funding
  6. Employment Training: on-site workshops, weeklong orientations, training, on job training, and off-site employment training.

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